Saturday, October 10, 2009

Updates on The Taking of Minnesota!

First of all, I have a Buster-edit. The food and water girl claims she "misread" the atlas; Milwaukee is in Wisconsin, not Minnesota. So, Angel and Kirby, as you were first, decide amongst yourselves for Minneapolis and St. Paul. Tuck, the next largest is Duluth.

That cleared away, I am preparing a PowerPoint and corresponding .PDF on exactly how we should take over Minnesota. It is summarized briefly in the map below. Lily says if I don't properly cite it I could get in trouble for copywright infringement, so Thank you, National Geographic!

The big pink dot is St. Paul. The most important goal is St. Paul. I say we take them from the north and cover ground because, really, what sane person would live that far north? Brrr!!! It's like we're doing them a favor and pushing them down south into the warm weather. The squiggly line is our primary position before we begin our march south. It will be peaceful; hopefully very few of us will be captured by animal control.

If you are captured, do not panic. Wait peacefully in holding. Await the seige on St. Paul which will issue an executive order to release all imprisoned animals.

Thank you,

Your Leader, Buster Theodora


  1. We're on board! Ummm, what are we going to do with Minnesota again once we have it?

  2. Well, Minnesota is as good as any place to start your world domination! We're in!

  3. A trip in Minnesota, that is pretty far away from me. Wonder if I would be missed?


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