Friday, September 18, 2009

My World Domination Plan

I've decided the only way the world is going to recognize me is if I flex my world domination muscles. After all, Lily says during the Cold War the Soviets were just flexing their atomic muscles, right? She should know; she had to analyze the Truman M.D. (Lily-edit: Bus, it wasn't a doctor. It was a "doctrine." The Truman Doctrine.)

I've decided to take over Minnesota.

I know, I know. It's a bit of a hike north and they have a lot of cheese. (Lily-edit: That's Wisconsin.)

So. Who wants to take over Minnesota with me? I figure, today Minnesota, tomorrow the world. Hey, I'll make any takers mayors! First feline in gets Milwaukee!

-Buster Theodora


  1. Buster! You have a good plan. We will help you! Good to see you back!

  2. hello buster its dennis the vizsla dog hay i menshund yore plan to trouble the kitty and she didnt seem to be verry intrested she sed sumthing abowt minnie-so-tah and lakes and snow and reely reely cold tempratchoors and then she went bak to sleep so ennyway wile i do not think she wil be of mutch assistanse i dont think she wil interfeer with yore nefaryus plot eether!!! ok bye pee ess i went and sed hello to yore frend rachel i hope she duz not giv up on her reskyew dog we can be challendjing but we can be verry rewarding too!!! ok bye


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Tough Ass Tortie Association Member!
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